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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Loaded with SmartSystems for automatic, remote device management

The CK3 embeds Intermec’s latest technology of imaging technology for excellent barcode scanning productivity and compliance to the newest industry standards. Intermec imaging technology delivers fast 1D and 2D barcodes scanning, unmatched performance on low quality and damaged barcodes, and unmatched flexibility in scanning range. Intermec has combined best-of-class system components such as the latest Microsoft embedded operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1, and Cisco® Compatible Extensions (CCX) certification, ensuring smooth interoperability with Cisco wireless networks, to provide the robust architecture necessary to successfully extend enterprise applications to the CK3. Extend the use of CK3 into hazardous locations with the non-incendive certified (Div. 2) CK3N.

For seamless migration from prior Intermec computers and confirmed, out-of-the-box integration with many warehouse and retail systems, the CK3 can be obtained with Intermec Terminal Emulator (ITE) and Intermec Browser (IB) software. Designed and tested to enhance CK3 performance in emulation environments, ITE connects the CK3 to host applications using terminal emulation featuring support for multiple host sessions, security, session persistence plus a complete set of data collection options. Using IB, a data collection browser, web applications can control advanced CK3 imaging and RFID features while ensuring that user access is restricted to pre-approved websites.

For quick and simple device deployment and maintenance, the CK3 will also support Intermec’s SmartSystems™. Connect computers to the network, configure settings, and install software remotely to lower IT effort and lower total cost of ownership.